Subject Bonus Points

Are you aiming to achieve outstanding results?

The University of Western Sydney is rewarding the outstanding academic performance of current Australian Higher School Certificate (HSC) and International Baccalaureate (IB) students with up to 10 Subject Bonus Points.

How do Subject Bonus Points work?

  • You must achieve band 5 or 6 results in your HSC or IB subjects relevant to the participating UWS course you want to study
  • A maximum of 10 bonus points is awarded automatically (no application is required)

To find out what Bonus Points are available for which subjects, please search by UWS Course or by HSC/IB Subject:

             Search for Subject Bonus Points using UWS Areas of Study   Search for Subject Bonus Points by HSC or IB Subjects

Note: Students completing the International Baccalaureate in 2015 will be eligible for Subject Bonus Points at UWS based on high performance in their individual IB subjects. More information on IB subjects that are considered comparable to NSW HSC subjects will be available on the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) website soon. In the mean time, you can contact the Course Information Centre for individual advice on 1300 897 669 or

Applicants who qualify for the Regional Bonus, Subject Bonus, Educational Access Scheme (EAS) and the Elite Athlete and Performer Bonus Scheme can only receive a maximum of 10 Bonus Points in total. 

Students do not need to live in the Greater Western Sydney region to receive up to 10 Subject Bonus Points. Subject Bonus Points are not available for all UWS courses.

Where can you go for more information?

We've compiled some tips and frequently asked questions which might help. If you want to talk, Team U is our student-run advice line that was set up especially to help you into UWS with the least amount of stress. They can help answer any questions you have about uni. Call them on 1300 897 669 or email They will be happy to help.