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Adam Goodes 

Goodes jeering is racially-coded abuse, says expert 

The booing of Indigenous AFL player Adam Goodes is an example of "racially-coded abuse masquerading as legitimate footy fan expression", according to Professor David Rowe.

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UWS expands commitment to Indigenous education

UWS is broadening its commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education by appointing leading academic Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver to a key leadership role.

Juan Salazar

Buen Vivir: South America’s rethinking of the future we want

In Latin America, proponents of Buen Vivir are ready to influence global debates on sustainable development by fuelling ideals that other worlds and futures are indeed possible.

James Ruse

UWS hosts the NSW Brain Bee school students challenge

The UWS School of Medicine hosted the State finals of the 2015 Australian Brain Bee Challenge.

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A bite sized round-up of news from the University of Western Sydney community.

Research success stories

Bellinger River Snapping Turtle face

Bellinger River Turtle under threat of extinction

Seventeen turtles in quarantine and a team of scientists could be all that stops a native turtle species in NSW from being wiped out by a mystery disease that has killed an estimated 400 turtles since February this year.

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Researchers question dense approach to residential development

High-density city living does not guarantee improved environmental outcomes, with new research showing other variables such as belief in human-induced climate change and level of education play a key role.

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Compulsory science and maths is great but there's more to be done

Federal Education and Training Minister Christopher Pyne today met with his state counterparts to confirm his proposal to make science and maths compulsory for year 11 and 12 students.

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We’re all The Walking Dead – we just don’t know it yet

A show like The Walking Dead helps us think through the challenges we face as a species, and reflect on the critical importance of how to make new economies possible.

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Phoebe Bailey

Elderly more trusting when it comes to heeding investment advice

New research has found that as we age, we are less likely to be concerned with someone’s reputation for being untrustworthy when it comes to financial advice.

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South West Sydney residents set to benefit from new cancer detection project

A new project to assist people in South West Sydney access services to detect and treat colorectal cancers will be lead by the UWS School of Medicine.

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